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ISG Holdings was formed to build a workers’ compensation focused company that offers a suite of products and services to help contain the medical costs related to workers’ injury claims. BPOC and SV Life Sciences have partnered with the former management team of Interplan Health Group, Paul Glover and Steve Ditman, in the development and execution of the ISG strategy.

StrataCare, which was acquired in April 2009, served as the platform acquisition for ISG. Founded in 1998, StrataCare is the leading software and service provider in the workers’ compensation medical bill review and cost containment industry. StrataCare’s software and services generate savings for its clients (large self insured employers / Third Party Administrators / insurance plans) by re-pricing medical bills in accordance with usual and customary rates, state and hospital fee schedules, utilizing applicable PPO network discounts and identifying duplicate bills and other billing errors.

Consistent with the broader ISG strategy, Bunch and Associates was acquired in August 2010. Bunch provides managed care solutions designed to enhance and control the recovery process to injured employees while controlling long-term costs to the employer. Bunch’s services include medical case management, utilization review, network management and medical bill review. ISG was sold to Xerox in May 2014.

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