Companies: Partners in the Truest Sense

We seek to partner with healthcare companies poised for strong, transformational growth. We assume an active role as collaborative partners from the very onset of our investment and have been praised for our sense of fair dealing and teamwork.

We look for companies whose management teams are creative and inventive and that require capital for growth and significant value creation. We support management with our deep experience, but when additional expertise is needed, we may also augment our skills with our healthcare relationships forged over decades of involvement in the industry.

Whether you’re an investor, a company or an executive, we’d like to hear from you. To send us a message, please contact us at

Investors: Look to Us to Deliver Value

Our uppermost objective is to build significant value for our investors.

Our focus is on healthcare, that’s our DNA. We don’t waiver from that arena. We think our experience, expertise and energy combined with our professional relationships offer a combination that helps us achieve our investment goals. We are trusted, respected and committed to excellence.

Executives: Creating Transformational Growth

When unique problems or opportunities arise, we are able to connect our companies with the strategic and operative talents of our Advisory Board or other industry executives with whom we have had longstanding business relationships.

We are proud of our pool of healthcare-related executive and operational talents. These leaders furnish invaluable intelligence and experience in their role as advisors, board members or even interim management for our companies.

We seek to partner with executives who have a proven track record of success with substantial companies. We like to work with exceptional executives to help identify and acquire businesses poised for strong, transformational growth within the healthcare industry.