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BPOC Announces Formation of Bond Orthodontic Partners

BPOC, one of the country's longest-tenured pure-play healthcare investors, today announced the launch of Bond Orthodontic Partners ("Bond"), a new platform that enables uniquely collaborative partnerships with market-leading orthodontists who are striving to improve the way patient care is delivered. Anchored with the focus on achieving clinical excellence through unparalleled support and collaboration, Bond has developed a unique joint-venture partnership model that provides partner-doctors, associate doctors and their teams with mutually aligned pathways to long-term success.

BPOC developed Bond with a purpose-built approach to its management team and organizational capabilities that is specifically designed to provide entrepreneurial orthodontists with the resources and operational expertise required to optimize the growth potential of their individual practices. Through Bond, BPOC will provide capital and support partner-doctors to foster long-term practice-level value creation. BPOC identified a key market opportunity in orthodontics and specialty dentistry services based on strong long-term growth fundamentals, attractive demographic trends and a lack of existing groups that provide deep operating expertise and offer durable, long-term partnership models.

"High-quality, doctor-centric platforms providing true partnership alignment are rare in the orthodontics market. We are supporting Bond to provide progressive partner-doctors with access to intellectual capital, operational expertise and long-term growth alignment," said Tim Wheeler at BPOC. "We have started by partnering with an experienced team of dental executives, led by Azar Zaidi and Sheila Bracker as Co-Founders of Bond, that are dedicated to building pathways for long-term growth while providing orthodontists with clinical autonomy."

"BPOC has a history of successfully transforming and growing innovative healthcare provider organizations. With their vision, expertise and capital, Bond is on a mission to be the premier orthodontic partnership organization through offering unique doctor alignment models, growth strategies and infrastructure support," said Azar Zaidi, CEO and Founder of Bond.

BPOC has a long track record of investing in provider-based service organizations to support clinicians in improving access to high-quality, convenient care. Recently, BPOC has partnered with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, Southeast Primary Care Partners and ClareMedica Health Partners, furthering BPOC's goals of expanding access to care, reducing costs and creating value across the healthcare delivery system.

About Bond Orthodontic Partners

Bond Orthodontic Partners is an orthodontic partnership organization formed in 2021 that seeks to partner with leading independent orthodontists in the Western United States. Bond leverages deep-rooted orthodontic practice and business acumen to empower independent orthodontists who are ready to scale their brands, strengthen their practices and retain their clinical autonomy to optimize practice-level value creation. For more information, visit

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